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  • PHYLLIS PAINTER DESIGNS creates heirloom-quality original jewelry that is both classic and fresh.
  • PHYLLIS PAINTER is a recognized expert in gem identification and grading, and a member of Instore Magazine’s “Brain Squad.”
  • FOR MORE THAN A DECADE, Phyllis Painter has been delighting her clients – many of whom have become good friends – with original creations.

Multicolored gemstones collection

Fun and delicious, jellybeans elicit fond memories of our childhood. Going to the candy store and seeing the jars of the multicolor treats, we could not wait to grab a handful and eat them.

A beauty all their own

Spiral designs go back many thousands of years and are a familiar theme in many ancient cultures. Flowing and smooth, you can see many things in a spiral design.

For the woman who likes “different”

This collection has been a labor of love. These gemstones, collected over the past thirteen years from around the world, are bold and unique. I take inspiration from the stones themselves, and the designs seem to materialize in my mind.

An heirloom for future generations

The designs on this page are not for sale but are rings I’ve designed for customers. Working together we created the perfect ring that reflected each client’s vision. You can select the exact diamond in the size and color you wish.

Have fun with your pearls

Pearls are a must for every woman’s wardrobe, but they needn’t be boring. Everyone should have a single strand of white pearls, and you can also have fun with your pearls.

The jewelry piece of your dreams

We work with you to design and manufacture the jewelry piece of your dreams. Using your stones or ours, you are a part of the process from start to finish.

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